19.-23. February 2024, Vienna

Social Activities

Beside the Coffee breaks and the Conference Dinner on Wednesday, you have the option to get to know each other better, interchange, and just have a nice time in the evenings after the talks.

Pizza - Pubquiz Tuesday

After the last talk (at 6pm), we will meet at the SkyLounge and have pizza together! An Astro-Pub-Quiz will be organized along with some ice-breaker games. Registration is not mandatory but we would circulate a sheet of paper on Tuesday to gauge the number of interested participants. More details will be provided during the workshop. FREE PIZZA!

Sporty Activities

If you are longing for some exercise after a week of sitting and thinking, you can join us for Ice-Skating, Badminton or/and Bouldering!

  • Ice-Skating at the Rathausplatz (with Katharina Kain, LOC)
    • Time: Between the conference dinnner and the last talk on Wednesday 5pm. The Ice-Skating place is directly in front of the location of the conference dinner.
    • Entry: 10€ + 9€ for skate rental (if we are more than 10 people we can get a reduced group price of 8.80€ or 7.90€ if we buy the tickets online)
  • Badminton (with Katyayani Trivedi, LOC):
    • Location: Sport & Fun-Halle, 22., Erzherzog-Karl-Straße 108
      • From the conference building, U2 takes you most of the way there (Hardeggasse), then you can take Tram 25 or Bus 96A to Erzherzog-Karl-Straße
    • Time: Friday 18:00-20:00
    • Entry: ~ 5€
  • Bouldering (with Agata Wisłocka and Carla Nicolin Schoder, LOC):
    • Time: After the Keynote-talk on Thursday 7pm
    • Entry: 4.50€ + 2€ for shoe rental

For all activities we will meet in the conference building and go than together to the sports places. More details on how to sign-up etc. will be provided during the conference itself.

For any questions you can email us, or speak to us directly at the conference!